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Rootland has been present in Hyderabad since 2018, offering  treatment for hair transplantation.

BIO Enhanced FUE (BIO-FUE)

The BIO-FUE is Lastest and Advanced technique that revolves around FUE procedure for hair restoration. The technique has no restrictions and it can be used by both genders men and women to restore hair. BIO-FUE procedure is performed by specially trained surgeons which helps in biostimulation of the transplanted hair follicles. Finally, the patient will gets the best results since regenerative cells fasten the healing process and help one to acquire a better density.

BioStimulated FUE Hair transplant is an advanced method of FUE hair transplantation, which works to improve the hair transplant results as well as improve the condition of the existing hair. During this procedure, Blood sample is extracted from the patient then placed in the centrifugation machine to separate the regenerative cells from the blood sample. 

After completion of grafts extraction, the regenerative cell substances are used as storage media for extracted grafts to increase their survival rate and resistance. All the follicular units are then soaked in protein rich culture medium to reduce cell death and helps in increasing the survival rate of transplanted follicular grafts. 


⦁ It helps a person achieve a good density of hair.
⦁ BIOFUE improves the growth rate of the hair and produces a good coverage on the scalp.
⦁ The regenerative cells repair the damaged follicles, hence restores the hair growth system.
⦁ It Promotes healing process of entire scalp the healing process of the  entire scalp after the surgery.
⦁ Better results.

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