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Dr. Khan Advanced Hair Transplant and Dermatology Center is really advanced in all aspects and it is consistently producing the best results. This center is not only for hair transplants but also provides medical treatment to prevent hair loss and further progression of baldness.



Hair Transplantation

Platelet Rich Plasma
PRP therapy is a non-surgical procedure aimed to combat hair loss. The procedure stimulates the hair follicles which help to make the hair thicker and stronger.
A derma roller can be effectively used for the treatment of hair loss treatment, and hyper pig The therapy is much more natural as compared to any other technique prevalent in the market.mentation.
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Dr. Khan

MBBS,MD,DVL (Dermatology)

Dr. Md. Altamash Zubair

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Dr. Mrs. Taj Kazimi

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Most Advanced,Ultramodern And Latest Equipments From U.S.A
Highly Skilled And Trained Team Of Technicians
Highly Skilled And Trained Team Of Technicians
No Side Effects At All
Transplanted Hairs Keep Growing Permanently
Totally Pain Free Procedure
Natural Look (Like Your Own Hair)
Can Comb And Cut Hairs As Per Your Desired Style
Luxurious ” 5” Star Setup With Entertainment Facilities.
Free Accomodation For Outstation Guests
Human hair grows in a continuous cyclic pattern-Growth and Rest, known as the “Hair Growth Cycle.”
Periods of growth (Anagen) between two and eight years are followed by a brief period, two to four weeks, in which the follicle is almost totally degraded (Catagen).
Many conditions, diseases, and improper hair care result in excessive hair loss.People who notice their hair shedding in large amounts after combing or brushing
Emotional turmoil, Medications, Skin Conditions, Surgery, Childbirth, Poor Nutrition and Illnesses can cause hair follicles to enter the Telogen phase prematurely, resulting in increased shedding which presents itself as temporary diffuse thinning.
Localized hair loss may be sub-divided into Scarring and Non-Scarring types. Alopecia Areata is a genetic, auto-immune disease that typifies the Non-scarring type.
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I learnt about Dr.khan’s Exclusive Hair Transplant Center through internet search and fortunately came to India for my brother wedding. Now my Hair Transplant done by Dr.khan I got a strong feeling that I made the right decision. Dr.khan is very understanding and listens to your suggestions
SantoshHair Transplant
Am Afzal Hussain Worried a lot due to hair fall, When I met with Dr. Khan’s Exclusive Hair transplant center in India and I found a professional doctor in him. He is very cool and guided me each and everything in a systematic way for my Hair transplant surgery. I have done R&D on hair fall treatment centres and most of the doctors were commercial and thanks to Dr.Khan for my hair regrowth treatment surgery.
Afzal HussainHair Transplant
I am a software engineer in Chennai working as a Team Leader. I didn’t care about my baldness. But I was Little worried about my Marriage how girls can feel after seeing my baldness. when I started looking up for a Hair Restoration surgeon who can sort my problem. After meeting a few doctors in Chennai and Hyderabad, I decided to go for hair transplant by Dr.khan after a detailed consultation with him and seeing a few patients in his clinic. Now I am very happy with my result & I am looking like an hero. Thank you so much Dr.khan.
Kalyan KumarHair Restoration
I want to explore my heart feeling thank you for your fantastic care & Hair transplant surgery. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for you. Thank you for FUE hair transplant experience . Thank you for giving me my hairs back. Now myself & my near& dear have forgotten my hair baldness chapter. This has boosted my self confidence & helped me to live life in a better way. Thank you Dr.khan’s exclusive hair transplant center. Also u can share my contact to a person who is still in doubt of your capability. Thanks again sir.
Naresh MFUE hair transplant
I am happy by the work of Dr.Khan’s Exclusive Hair Transplant Center thank you all staff and Doctor sir.
Sandeep MishraHair Transplant
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